Delivery time

Normal delivery time

  • 3-6 working days

You can track your package through your user account . Keep in mind that it can take up to 48 hours after your order leaves our warehouse before you can track your package.

You will receive an email when your package leaves our warehouse and a new email or SMS (if you have entered your mobile number under your user information ) when the package can be picked up. If you do not pick up your package within two days, you will receive a reminder by email or SMS and if it is not picked up after seven days, a postavi will be sent to your home. If the package has not been picked up within 14 days, it will be returned to us.

Do not forget to bring valid identification such as ID, driver’s license or passport and shipping ID / package number when you pick up your package.

Express delivery

  • 24-72 hours

If you order early Monday-Saturday (until 3 pm), you will receive your delivery the next weekday. If you place your order after kl. 15 Monday-Saturday or on a Sunday, you will receive your delivery two weekdays after the order day.

Partial deliveries

In order for us to be able to send your goods as quickly as possible, your order may be divided into several packages. After your purchase, you will, as usual, receive a confirmation of this by email. When your packages leave the warehouse, you will receive a separate email with the shipping ID for each package. Our system determines from case to case whether it is possible to make partial deliveries. We offer this delivery method because we want to give you an even better service with faster delivery.