Is it legal to order Kamagra online?

Yes! As long as you order for your own use! Kamagra is not prescription-only in several of the EU countries and can therefore be sent from there without requiring the supplier or customer to undergo any form of examination. Each consignment may contain a quantity of medicinal product corresponding to a maximum of one year’s consumption.

Do the goods come in discreet packaging?

Yes! In a discreet nameless package. Medicines or the like are not on the packaging.

Do I need a medical examination to order?

If you see yourself as completely healthy and have recently undergone a health check, you do not need any further examination to order. Doctors and pharmacists in the EU write prescriptions daily by looking in the patient’s medical record. In most EU countries, no prescription is required for our products. See also ?? Terms of purchase ?? which must be filled in when ordering.

Do you only send to the Scandinavian countries? has chosen to only distribute its products in Sweden.

Can you pay by credit card?

At present, only offers products against Swish & account payment.

Is there a shipping fee?

No! No extra costs will be added! We  ALWAYS HAVE FREE SHIPPING!

How long does it take to receive the delivery?

It depends on what time you order on the day. Normally 1-3 working days after we receive your payment. Sometimes the mail can crash, which means that the delivery can take a little longer.

Why is Kamagra so cheap and what is generic?

All medicines have at least one active substance. It is the active substance that causes the drug to have an effect on the condition it is intended to treat. The first approved drug that contains a certain active substance is called the original drug. When the patent period has expired, copies can be made of so-called generic drugs. The generic medicine contains the same active substance as the original medicine Viagra. Both products must be approved by the Medical Products Agency before sale. When making a copy of another drug, in principle only a manufacturing cost arises, and only small development costs

Is Kamagra replacing other equivalent products?

We know that Kamagra gives a perfect result and can definitely be compared with, Viagra, Levitra, Cialis, Lovegra, and other potency drugs such as, sex pills, potency medications that are medically approved.